4 Reasons to Choose 5 Axis Machining Services

Most business owners understand the benefits that CNC machines can provide. For example, they are faster and more efficient than the old fashion methods of machining. However, when you choose a shop offering 5 axis machining, you can take your business to the next level and here are 4 good reasons to choose this service.

The Power of Five

Computer numeric control works with different axis that can perform a number of operations. For example, when you go from 2 axes to 3 axis work, you can get more detail, and you’ll need fewer steps to complete your work. With 5 axes, your table can rotate, and you can approach your work from just about any angle. This can give you complex and precision work. Here are the benefits that 5 axis machining has to offer.

1. Fewer Steps

It can take fewer steps to complete your work. This gives you the same pieces or parts but in much less time.

2. Increased Shop Efficiency

Imagine getting out more pieces each day. With increased production, you can add to your inventory or go after new customers. An efficient shop can take care of its customers’ needs better, and because this kind of service is fast, you can offer expedited orders.

3. Match or Exceed the Competition

Precision 5 axis machining services can produce more products without sacrificing quality. When you choose a shop offering this service, you’ll get affordable prices, and you can charge less for your products and services. This is a good strategy for remaining competitive.

4. No Investment Needed

If you were to buy multiple axis machines, the cost could be substantial. However, when you outsource these services, you don’t have to make any investments in machines, employees, and there’s no need to increase the size of your shop.


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