When You Will Need Sewer Line Equipment in Bellingham WA

The various kinds of issues that can cause a sewer to become clogged are many indeed. From vegetation to man-made problems, there is no end to the misery that a clogged sewer can inflict on a homeowner. Here are a few of the most common culprits that come into play:

1. Grease. Never dump grease down a drain. While it is bad enough when grease clogs up the sink, when it starts to clog the sewer line, you are already in trouble. Grease becomes compacted and is extremely difficult to cut through. If grease is the cause of your clog, you will need to call in a company that has heavy-duty Sewer Line Equipment in Bellingham WA.

2. Tree roots. Trees planted too closely to the sewer line, or placing the sewer line too close to existing trees, is a nightmare waiting to happen. The tree roots are fully capable of growing straight through the metal lines and causing havoc. Special blades will have to be inserted into the line to cut away the roots that have grown inside and to remove any that are dangerously close to the line.

3. Foreign objects. It is very common for children’s toys or even washcloths to be flushed and eventually end up clogging the sewer line. Other materials such as hair, toilet tissue, or more grease can build up around the stuck object and create a nasty clog. Never flush baby wipes or feminine hygiene products even if they say they are flushable. They are not able to be broken down organically in the sewer line.

If you find yourself needing a company experienced in using Sewer Line Equipment in Bellingham WA, contact Lavergneplumbing.com. They are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 60 years. They offer a wide range of sewer line and plumbing services and even provide 24-hour emergency service for times when disaster strikes and you are least expecting the problems. A fourth-generation business that takes pride in and stands behind their work is the only solution you will ever need for your plumbing and sewer line repair needs. For more information, contact the experts today.

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