Animal Hospital Cares For Sick, Injured Pets

If your dog or cat or other pet were injured or became sick, you can take them to an animal hospital for treatment. There are several kinds of animal hospitals, and some specialize in one kind of animal, i.e. cat, while others treat all kinds of animals of every shape and size.

The staff at most animal hospitals are dedicated and caring people who love animals and want to help relieve their pain and suffering through vital medical care and services. They will have gone through specific classes on animal medicine and have the appropriate degrees to be able to treat animals or otherwise work in the hospital at the lab, reception, etc.

Treatment Offered at Animal Hospital
Some of the services available at an animal hospital include surgery, dental care, laser treatments, vaccinations, emergency care, prescriptions, and physical therapy. They are required to staff at least one or more licensed veterinarians, which are doctors that treat animals.

Some animal hospitals also have a mobile unit that can go out in the field to treat sick or injured animals, or those that are too big to bring to the clinic, such as livestock, i.e. cows or horses. These mobile units also can become an ambulance to rush a sick or hurt animal back to the hospital for further treatment.

Animal Hospitals May Also Do Rescue, Education
Some animal hospital care may even do things unrelated to medical needs such as animal rescue, animal adoption, or animal training or care classes. It all depends on the type of animal hospital and its location. Some may also provide training for veterinarian interns from area colleges.

So, if you own an animal in the Newport Beach, CA area, you can bring your pet to the Lido Animal Hospital and you can call for an appointment at  or make an appointment on the website. You can also connect with them on Google+ for more updates.


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