When You Need To Call For Sprinkler Repair Services

If you have an in-ground sprinkler system you may find that you have a variety of different problems that can happen with the system itself or with the system controls. Understanding when you can do a quick fix yourself or when you need a professional to handle your sprinkler repair is important for any homeowner.

No Water Anywhere

Most in-ground sprinkler systems are set up on a timer program that is operated from a controller somewhere in the home or the garage. These controllers are like security alarm panels and allow you to use a keypad to change the scheduling, activate the sprinklers or shut them off.

If your sprinkler is supposed to be on and there is nothing happening before calling for sprinkler repair services go and check the controller. Make sure that it hasn’t been unplugged or that a breaker controlling the electrical service hasn’t been tripped.

No Water at One Sprinkler

If the system is on and all the sprinklers except one, or perhaps a few, are operating, you may need to replace a broken sprinkler head. This is not a complicated sprinkler repair but it does require digging around the unit, removing the broken or plugged head, and either cleaning it or replacing it.

Typically if you have more than one head not working it is a good idea to call in a sprinkler repair service to try to determine why the heads are damaged. It may be because the system was not properly drained for the winter and with freezing the heads cracked.

Poor Spray Volume

If this is the first time you are using your sprinkler system after the winter and you have poor spray volume at all or some of the heads you may have problems with your sprinkler lines. This is definitely a situation that should be checked by a sprinkler repair service as it can mean replacing broken lines throughout your yard.

One simple option to prevent many of the most common sprinkler repair issues is to have your system checked annually, ideally after the last use in the fall. This will allow the service to drain your sprinkler system to prevent the damage from water freezing in the lines which is often the most problematic.

We can provide sprinkler repair on all brands and types of systems. To learn more see us online at Spokane Pro Care.


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