When Is It Appropriate To Hire A Criminal Attorney In New Britain, CT?

It is stressful and confusing to be investigated for a crime or be charged with a crime. Criminal offenses are punishable with imprisonment or hefty fines. In extreme cases, criminal offenses can be punished with a death sentence. The situation requires that you get assistance from a criminal attorney in New Britain CT to represent you throughout the judicial process. Many people do not understand when a criminal lawyer should come in and defend them. The parties to any criminal case must be represented by a lawyer. But, when is it appropriate to call on a criminal law attorney?

Investigation stage

The first step in understanding when to hire a criminal attorney when charged with a crime is to have basic knowledge of the criminal justice process. The initial stage of the process involves investigating how the crime happened. The police officers gathers information about how the crime occurred. At this point, you need to need to look for a criminal defense attorney if you are personally investigated to prepare for a possible arrest following the outcome of the investigation.

Arrest Stage

After the police officers conclude investigations, they may recommend your arrest if they have probable cause that you committed a crime. The probable cause is a reasonable suspicion that you are the one who committed a criminal offense. A criminal lawyer is needed at this point to challenge the claim of probable cause by the police officers. The arresting officer is supposed to enlighten you of your right to be defended by an attorney.

Arraignment to court

After the arrest, the charges are formally presented in open court. The accused person should hire a lawyer at this stage to defend him during the court proceedings. The attorney in this case may advise you to plead guilty to a lesser crime instead of being convicted under the initial charges. It is hard to work without a Criminal Attorney In New Britain CT at this stage to avoid conviction.

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