When You May Need To See A Periodontist In Chicago

Most people have heard the term, but don’t know what a periodontist in Chicago is or why they may need to see one. They are specialist dentists with three more years of residency training, and they specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of gum diseases. They are also trained to place all types of dental implants. The field of periodontics is just one of eight specialties that are recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association).

Why Periodontists Can Help

You can have periodontal disease right now and not even know it. However, over time, your disease can progress to the point where you need specialized help from a specialty-trained dentist. Periodontists have received higher education than traditional dentists and are trained to deal with all periodontal diseases that affect the gums. Likewise, they have learned the newest techniques and can use the latest technology to treat and diagnose your situation. Plus, they can detect oral cancer and may be more suitable for individuals who have a history of cancer of the mouth.


A periodontist in Chicago is an expert at treating and diagnosing periodontal disease. If you have a family history of such disease or already have advanced gum disease, they can help you find the best treatments and options. They can also help prevent tooth loss or permanently replace missing teeth.

Testing Options

When you visit one, you will receive a thorough examination. Your gums may be probed to determine whether there are spaces under the gum line. Likewise, they can determine the color, looseness, and firmness of the teeth, as well as the symmetry of your bite and more.

A periodontist in Chicago can help your gums so that you don’t lose your teeth, and can also help with permanent implants. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists now to learn more.


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