The Importance Of Regular Visits To Your Dentist

There are constant reminders on TV, in the paper and on the radio telling people that seeing their dentist on a regular basis is important and something they must do. The one thing the ads neglect to tell you is “why.” The American Dental Association recommends twice yearly visits for a thorough check-up and professional cleaning.

The most important reason:

The principal reason for regular visits to the dentist in Arlington Heights IL is patently obvious; to make sure your teeth are in and stay in perfect condition. Even though you practice good dental hygiene at home, brushing and flossing cannot clean your teeth to the same extent the dentist can. Using specialized equipment, the oral hygienist can eliminate plaque and tartar that builds up on the surface of your teeth. As the hygienist is cleaning your teeth, he or she will observe the condition and bring any areas of concern to the attention of the dentist.

Catch problems early:

Dental problems sometimes have to be quite advanced before they become troublesome, unfortunately when a tooth reaches the point where the problem becomes visible or painful; it is often too late to repair. When a patient adheres to the twice a year schedule to see their dentist in Arlington Heights IL problems can be identified and attended to long before they reach the point where the tooth cannot be saved.

By getting regular dental checkups you will avoid potentially dangerous situations such as infections or gum disease. It does not take much for the infection at the tooth root to enter the blood stream; this can quickly lead to dangerous situations such as sepsis. Early detection of teeth and gum problems will save you time, money, unnecessary pain and complications that can easily affect the rest of your system.

Regular visits to your dentist in Arlington Heights IL can stave off problems by catching them in the early stages. You are invited to make an early appointment with James Kakos DDS.


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