Keep Your Dog Looking & Feeling Their Best in Alexandria VA at the Groomers

Imagine if you never took the time to clip your fingernails or comb through your hair every morning. Now imagine how your dog must feel when they don’t get the proper grooming they need and consider whether or not your pet has been getting the care they deserve. This animal hospital provides dog grooming services in Alexandria, VA, that will not only make your dog look more clean and presentable, but they will feel so much better as well.

More Than A Pretty Face
Although some might assume that people take their dogs to the groomers just to make them more aesthetically pleasing, there are a lot of health benefits to taking your dog to the groomers regularly. As dog’s age, it becomes more difficult for them to groom themselves, which can lead to issues with joint pain and matted fur. Instead of leaving your dog to their own devices, schedule regular appointments with dog groomer in Alexandria so that they always feel their best.

Fear Free Practices
The team at this animal hospital understands that grooming services can be extremely stressful for animals, so several staff members are well trained in Fear Free practices. They can quickly identify signs of anxiety and tension in your dog so that they can make them feel more comfortable and at ease in the environment. Make sure your pet is in fear-free hands the next time they go to the groomers.

Contact Fort Hunt Animal Hospital to learn more about their dog grooming services in Alexandria, VA, and the other services in which they provide.


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