When is it time to consider replacing the roof on your house?

The roof on your house is one of those things that you probably don’t think a great deal about, that is until it starts to leak. Once a roof has deteriorated to the point where it does leak in many cases a considerable amount of damage has already been done to the roof structure including the rafters and beams. It is important that the homeowner is aware of the possibility of major problems by keeping a sharp eye out for the various warning signs that indicate it is time for roof replacement in Jacksonville.

Although there are a number of things that apply equally to any kind of roof, shingled roofs are perhaps the most susceptible. One of the first indicators that trouble is brewing is the appearance of algae on the shingle surface. Algae is much more than just an eye sore that sits on the surface of the shingle, as it spreads it eats away and breaks down the material the shingle is made from. It is this slow consumption of the shingle that makes it possible for water to find its way into the attic area of your home. When you first spot algae this is the time to arrange for roof replacement; by replacing the roof early you will save a great deal of money in the long run.

Another strong sign of problems is a roof surface which appears to be blistered or buckled. As well as shingles curling which is another problem area, these signs are indicative of problems that need immediate attention. The shingles or any roofing material that has reached the point where it has become brittle will no longer stand up to severe weather. Having a roof replacement done by professional at this time will save the expense of having to replace the roof support structure and once again, early replacement of the roof exterior will save money but not having to contend with replacing the structural elements.

If the problem turns out to be termites then perhaps simply replacing the shingles will not solve the problem. Depending on the degree of infestation you may have to repair or replace some of the beams and rafters that make up the support system. A good idea for any homeowner is to have their home inspected on a regular basis for termite problems; if the problem is caught early then repair rather than replacement will be the preferred solution.

The truth is; when your roof looks tired and worn out it is time for it to be replaced; you can head off future problems by taking corrective action earlier rather than after the problem has worsened.


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