Vaping has become a very common practice, it is a well accepted leisure activity in a range of different public settings. Using a vape pen is designed to be very easy and straightforward, especially if selecting a pen or a vape starter kit that comes as a package. This is highly recommended for your first experience as you can simply enjoy the experience and the full flavor without having to worry about ensuring all components of the pen are working correctly and are compatible.

The Process

When you first receive your vape pen take a minute and read through the instructions that come in the kit. Different models of vape pens will have slightly different directions and instructions based on the model and the style.

Most vape pens will require a very simple process to get started. They will come with an already charged battery, but it is highly recommended you have another fully charged battery on hand. Always make sure the pen is off before starting this process.

Step 1: If the pen comes assembled remove the top component, the mouthpiece, and the chamber, from the battery unit, which is at the bottom of the pen. Then remove the mouthpiece from the top of the chamber. You will fill the pen from the top of the atomizer. It is important to remove the chamber from the battery, to avoid the oil from getting all over the pen should it spill or drip.

Step 2: Apply the liquid, which may also be called oil, e-juice or e-liquid by dripping it down the side of the atomizer. Hold the chamber on a slight angle to allow the liquid to fill the exterior of the atomizer but do not allow any to get into the center cylinder.

Step 3: Be careful not to overfill the atomizer, but once the oil is to the top marker on the chamber gently screw the mouthpiece back in. Attach tightly but do not make the seal over tight.

Step 4: Attach the chamber and mouthpiece to the battery in the same way. Activate your pen by pushing the button the set number of times to start the pen, press the button on the pen and begin vaping.

It is important to clean the chambers between use or, even easier, to have a chamber for each flavor of oil you use. If you don’t do this, the flavors will mix in the atomizer, which can create very unpleasant combinations.

After you have experience in working with the standard vape pen, you may wish to choose to customize your vaping experience. This can include choosing different components for your pens to enhance the flavors or increase the amount of vape you receive while using the vape pen.

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