What’s involved in Caring for Deck Awnings in Miami?

As the heat and humidity are a constant struggle for residents, it’s common to see deck awnings in Miami. Besides using deck awnings to cool homes, they can also lower cooling costs by reducing the amount of sunlight that gets into a home.

If you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing a deck awning, you ought to know what’s involved in caring for it. They aren’t necessarily difficult to take care of, but you can’t just place it on your home and forget about it.

Indeed, much like caring for your cars or the rest of your home, there is some maintenance involved for those that want to keep their awning in the best shape possible.


Many purchasers forget about the cool winter months when they buy deck awnings. What about the winter months? Should the awning be left outside, or should you store it inside your home or the garage?

While it’s not always the case that winters are very harsh, if you’re expecting extreme weather, it would be best to store the awning indoors for that. Be sure that the awning is clean and dry before you store it. Dirt and water could cause gradual damage to the awning during the time it is being stored.

You do not need to remove the frame that attaches to your home when you store the fabric portion of your awning, however.


While we’re on the subject, what kind of weather can deck awnings withstand? This really depends on the construction of the awning, and the fabric material itself.

Some awnings are retractable, of course, and these types of awnings can just be drawn in during high winds, hail, or heavy rain. Other awnings are not retractable, but are made of waterproof fabrics.

If you’re concerned about the awning, it would probably by best to bring it inside during extreme weather.

Cleaning Your Awning

In this wet climate, it’s not common to purchase an awning that can’t handle a bit of water, but it would be best to check with the manufacturer about what would be the best cleaning procedure.

As a general rule, however, you will want to remove any debris from the deck awning as frequently as possibly. Dust, gravel, twigs, and branches should all be removed as soon as you notice them.

Scrub the fabric portions of the awning with a soft brush and soap. Be sure not to use soap that’s too harsh as this could stain the finish on the awning or even eat away at the material. This, in turn, could reduce the cooling effect that the awning provides. Dish washing liquid is generally a good soap to use.

After you have gently scrubbed the fabric portion of the awning, be sure to rinse off all of the soap. If any is left, it could leave a noticeable residue.

Lastly, while the awning is in place, once every few weeks you should spray the awning with a hose.


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