Basic Facts about the Solar Water Heater in Flagler Beach

The sun is one form of energy that is free and nonrenewable at all times. It is available to anyone – under the right weather conditions – and comes in an endless supply. There is no reason why you should not use the sun to heat your water. You could save more money than you can count on energy bills each year. Also, you will be supporting clean energy and the conservation of the environment. Learn a few simple facts about the solar water heater that interests the common buyer.

Unlike Other Heaters, the Solar Heater Can Be Built

You can create your own solar water heater in a DIY project. Anyone can do it with the right amount of time, patience and basic knowledge in building water appliances. Using parts bought from the hardware store, build a batch water heater. This heater consists of a tank that is preferably painted black to absorb and retain the most sun heat. Place mirrors on the sides for additional absorption.

Spend as little as $1000 on your appliance and even make it into a family-friendly project. Once you are finished building it, you can create a manual that instructs other people on how to use it. If you build a solar-powered water heater effectively, use it effectively for many years.

Solar Heaters Are Not Completely Effective

This fact is not too much of a surprise to anyone. No one lives in an environment where the sun shines all the time. There are days when the sun does not come out at all. During rainstorms, winter days, and night times, the sun stays hidden.

You need a regular water heater to act as backup. Then, you have hot water during the times when it is not sunny. Even when the sun is up, you have days when people are overworking the heater and it cannot keep up with demands. Having a backup is essential to the full efficiency of a solar water heating unit.

Some Solar Heaters Create Totally Free Hot Water

A few weeks after you install a solar water heater, you will notice the tremendous amount of savings on your water bills. After a year or two, you will receive full reimbursement for the amount you paid for the heater.

For years afterward, receive so many savings that you pay nothing for free hot water. In addition, receive tax credits and rebates that save you even more money. Investing in a solar-powered heater is investing in maximum energy savings.

Heating your water with the help of the sun’s rays is not a new concept. People have been following the sun and relying on its power for centuries. Only recently have modern consumers been able to get their hands on a commercial product. If you are one of the consumers, know a few facts before you buy a quality solar water heater in Flagler Beach.


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