What You Should Know Before Calling a Wrongful Death Attorney in Spokane Valley, WA

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be extremely complicated due to all the restrictions that Washington state law places on such litigation. Perhaps the most important thing to be aware of is that not just anyone can file a wrongful death lawsuit. An experienced wrongful death attorney in Spokane Valley, WA can help clients determine whether they are eligible to file this type of lawsuit under the wrongful death laws of Washington state.

In general, the individual who is filing a wrongful death lawsuit must be directly related to the deceased person, although there may be exceptions to this rule. This rule of direct relation typically includes:

1. Spouse of the deceased
2. Children, if under the age of 18
3. Children under the age of 21 if they relied on the deceased parent for support
4. Children of any age who relied primarily on the deceased for support, especially in the case of mentally or physically disabled adults
5. Parents of the deceased
6. Siblings of the deceased
7. Non-blood relatives, for example, children who were legally adopted

In certain cases, a person who is an honorary relative may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit as well. Every case is unique, and the court will evaluate this type of eligibility on a case by case basis. If the relation is not very clear-cut, it is best to have a wrongful death lawyer working to establish the relation and the eligibility to file the lawsuit. Click here for more details.

Keeping good records is very important in any wrongful death case. Generally, a wrongful death case will have a considerable amount of medical records. Keep track of all bills and all records from the doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who treated the deceased person prior to their death. In some cases, a wrongful death lawyer may even be able to find witnesses who can testify that the deceased individual was treated improperly. Expert witnesses may be called upon to testify as to why the medical caregivers took the wrong actions, and how these actions led to death. If you are looking for a skilled wrongful death attorney in Spokane Valley, WA, visit Jcooney.com.


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