Necessary Exotic Pet Care In Alexandria For Ferrets

Ferret owners should regularly schedule visits to a veterinarian who provides exotic pet care in Alexandria. Routine veterinary and dental care, along with the required vaccinations will keep your ferret healthy. Below you’ll learn more about the various types of vet care that’s necessary for the health of a ferret.

Wellness Exams

When pet owners take their ferrets to a vet clinic for a wellness exam once a year, the veterinarian will examine the pet and check for common health issues. These include fleas, bladder infections and hair loss. When a health condition is detected early, the animal can begin treatment immediately to control the problem. As ferrets get older, they’re prone to have additional medical issues including pancreatic tumors that cause the animals to have low blood sugar. A vet can administer a blood test to check the blood glucose level of the ferret. If necessary, the vet can begin a treatment program for the animal.


Along with a wellness visit, ferrets should also have regular vaccinations to keep them from getting ill if exposed to various diseases. Ferrets can contract canine distemper if they come into contact with the virus. This virus can live for several years in the soil or on objects, such as food dishes, and it can infect ferrets if they come into contact with the infected soil or objects. A canine distemper shot will keep a ferret-safe from getting the disease. Another recommended vaccination for ferrets is a rabies vaccine, and this protects pets if they’re bitten by an animal that has rabies.

Dental Care

When ferret owners take their pets to a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pet care in Alexandria for a wellness exam, the veterinarian will check the health of their teeth and gums. If the animal has a buildup of plaque on the teeth, the veterinarian may schedule a dental appointment for the animal. Removing plaque from the teeth on a regular basis will help to keep the animal from developing tooth problems.

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