What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dental Crown in Chicago

If you have a tooth that is severely damaged or has extensive decay, then your dentist may recommend that you get a dental crown in Chicago. A crown is one of the most common dental restorations. There are several signs that indicate you need to get a dental crown.


Most people are considered a good candidate for a dental crown. Misshapen teeth, discolored teeth, cracked teeth, decayed teeth and misalignment are some of the problems that can be corrected with a dental crown. Your dentist will tell you whether you are a good candidate.

Taking Care of Your Crown Is Important

Crowns are built to last for several years. However, you will have to take care of them just like your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing will help you keep your crown for a long time.

The Cost

There are several factors that will affect the cost. The cost is one of the things that will be discussed during the consultation. Your dental exam, treatment and dental x-rays will be included in the treatment cost. If you have to get a root canal or dental implant, then this will raise the cost.

Crowns Can Be Used for Cosmetic Purposes

If you want to get a crown to improve the way that your tooth looks, then you can do that. Crowns can correct a variety of aesthetic issues.

If you are in need of a dental crown in Chicago, then you can contact Chicago Dental Solutions by visiting our website.


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