Foreign Exchange Service in Westmont

When you plan on going on a trip that will take you outside the US border, you’ll need more than your passport and contact information. You’ll need to have local currency in hand, ready for any necessary transaction when you land.

The credit card will certainly help you but, you’d need that flexibility when credit cards are not accepted. It happens whether you travel to a first world state or any other country. The vast majority still use cash, the local currency in cash.

You’ve got currency exchange in Westmont offering you service here at West Suburban Currency Exchanges whether you need the British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Bhat or Renminbi.

We use the World Money Exchange system and facility to convert your cash into your chosen foreign currency. You’ll get needed guidance with our experienced staff along the process.

Other than serving the community as your local currency exchange in Westmont, we also help you with other day-to-day financial services such as check cashing and money orders. You can wire your money through Western Union in our center if you want to.

We also provide pre-paid Visa debit cards, vital records, fax services and other business communications and process services in order to get your financial tasks done.

And if you need to renew your license plate or replace your vehicle licenses, we can do that also for you as we are an agent of the Illinois Secretary of State offering you these services.

If you have any questions, give West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. a call at 847-299-3100.


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