What Type Of Living Assistance Services Are Provided For Seniors?

A senior with limited mobility or impaired cognitive function shouldn’t live by themselves. If they are unattended, something could happen and they wouldn’t be able to contact anyone due to injury and not being able to reach the phone. This is why it helps for seniors in this type of condition to get living assistance. Living assistance for seniors is put in place to help them have the constant caregiving attention they need to thrive.

Help with activities of daily living

When it comes to living assistance for seniors, one of the most common ways that seniors can be helped is with activities of daily living (ADL.) Things that were much easier and simpler to do in their younger years may have become much more difficult as time has passed on. This is why it helps to get living assistance for seniors where these services are already provided. Some of the services that are provided in this area include grooming, meal preparation, and more. Your senior can also receive services such as help with getting dressed, transferring, and help with bathing.

Medication Management Services

One of the advantages of getting living assistance for seniors is that your senior loved one can receive help with managing their medication. Medication management is crucial to prolonging the health of your loved one over time. If they miss taking their medicine at the regular times, the result could be to their detriment. This is why it helps to hire a caregiver who is experienced in this field and who could provide the medication management services that they need.


Having someone to go to places with is very important for the elderly. One of the main reasons is that travelling alone could prove to be a risky endeavor whereas having a companion means someone is always there to help if things go wrong.

The Regional Senior Assisted Living Facility offers quality living assistance for seniors. Find out more when you visit them online at http://www.theregencyatglencove.com/ and schedule a consultation by calling (516) 674-3007. You can follow them on Twitter for more news and updates!


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