Choosing Your Printing Company

In most cities, printing companies are a dime a dozen, however that does not mean that all printing companies are created equal. When choosing your vendor for printing services, it is important to consider the following questions.

1. What kind of printing services do they provide? Some companies offer a wider variety of services than others. For example, some printing companies can print banners, t-shirts, and promotional items, while others only print items on paper. Choosing a full-service printing company that can provide all your needs, from business cards to personalized coffee mugs, will make life easier.

2. What kind of rush services do they provide? It is likely there are times when you will need to have something printed stat; therefore, it is a good idea to understand your printer’s capabilities in this area. For example, some printers only stock a small amount of specialty paper, making a large rush job using these papers impossible. Other printers offer rush services, but charge a premium for it. Knowing what your printer can and cannot do if you require rush services is important.

3. How do their prices compare? It is not a good idea to choose your printing company based solely on price, as there are many factors to consider. Your printer’s prices should be comparable however to other printers in your area offering the same services.

4. What methods of printing services do they offer? There are multiple methods for printing some items, such as t-shirts, screen printing and direct to garment printing. Choosing a printer that offers multiple printing methods gives you more options and flexibility.

A great printing company is truly an asset to your business. Make certain you ask these four questions before you choose your company for printing services to ensure you will be satisfied with their capabilities and finished products.


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