What to Look Forward to in Downtown Victoria

Planning to take a well-deserved vacation? Consider going on a luxury cruise. Contrary to what many people may believe, luxury cruises don’t have to take an entire week, or have to cost thousands of dollars. There are plenty of budget-friendly cruises that offer a good amount of service and a great itinerary to boot.

One of these cruises is the Vancouver to Victoria luxury trip. The trip only takes three and a half hours, complete with complimentary dining and an itinerary in downtown Victoria that will make your trip worthwhile. All you’ll need to do is check the nearest BC Ferry schedule and see whether you’re free on the given date and time. The best part about it is, there are frequent promos being given out on this route, and discounts are available for army, senior citizens, and groups.

If you’re already set on taking that Vancouver to Victoria luxury cruise, how else do you enjoy it? Here are a few tips:

Visit Butchart Gardens

Perhaps one of the oldest and most renowned gardens in the entire world, Butchart Gardens showcases a variety of flowers in a large and grand manner. Don’t miss the chance to walk around their rose garden, enjoy a luxurious opening at the Japanese garden, and plenty of other activities available on a seasonal basis. There are outdoor concerts and lighting during the summer, and the Magic of Christmas in the winter.

Enjoy Tea at the Empress

Feel like royalty when you have tea at the Fairmont Empress, one of Victoria’s longest standing structures. The Empress housed and served plenty of famous celebrities, royalty, and other personalities within its halls.

Walk Around

What better way to enjoy a district than by walking in streets and appreciating the architecture and the people? Enjoy an afternoon stroll or a morning walk, and check out what other sights there are to see in downtown Victoria. Just don’t forget to check your BC Ferry schedule to be on time.


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