Paying for Elderly Care

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Health and Fitness


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While Medicare can help retired folks over the age of 65 with many of the expenses incurred for medical care such as doctor’s bills or hospital bills, there are other things that it does not cover. Federal health insurance programs may not cover elderly care or custodial care. Those living in Potomac, MD may need the services of the Capital City Nurses elderly care program, but they may not know how to pay for it. The following strategies will help you get the care you need.

What Is Elderly Care

Due to mental or physical impairments, there may come a time when your aging loved one just isn’t able to do the things they once did. Cooking meals or cleaning their home may become impossible due to physical or mental limitations. Elderly care providers help with daily routines like getting dressed or eating.

Long-Term Care Insurance

A private insurance policy that covers elderly care is usually called a long-term care policy. These policies can be quite expensive if they are purchased after the age of 60. However, if purchased earlier enough, they can help offset some of the costs of care that come along later in life.


The Medicaid program is a joint federal and state venture. The allowances and specifics of the programs will vary from state to state, but most allow for the use of Medicaid to apply to elderly care allowing people to stay in their Potomac, MD homes. Qualifying for Medicaid is based on income, and those income levels will vary by state as well.

Asset Protection Trusts

With the strict rules of Medicaid, it may become necessary for you to unload some of your assets in order to qualify. An asset protection trust can be a good way to do this without making your loved ones destitute. If you find that you do not qualify for Medicaid due to the income requirements, you will have to use ways like this trust to get rid of your wealth in order to qualify.

Elderly care is available in Potomac, MD from Capital City Nurses. We pride ourselves in offering the very best care. All of our nurses are properly trained and educated, and their training never stops while they are employed at Capital City Nurses. If you are in need of elderly care for yourself or a loved one, please call 866-807-7303 today. We can help you find the right path for your care and financial needs.

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