What to Look for When Selecting Pet Food

With all the catch phrases, marketing schemes, and trends in the pet industry, sometimes it’s difficult to find a factual representation of which foods to choose for your furry companion. And where do you buy these pet foods in Fort Lauderdale? Here is what you need to look for;

1. Meat: Cats and dogs are carnivorous and thrive on a meat-based diet. Look for whole food sources at the top of the ingredient list. These can be in the form of chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Avoid foods that do not specifically describe where the protein comes from. Examples of this can be, “animal protein”, “meat” and “poultry”.

2. Avoid pet foods containing corn and soy. Corn is a known allergen, has no nutritional value and is a simple, cheap filler. Soy is damaging to your pet’s endocrine system due to its estrogen content.

3. Grain-free: Grain-free formulas are the way to go. Usually they will be held together with potato starch rather than wheat. Cats and dogs have no need for carbohydrates. These ingredients are only used because the gluten binds the food together and it is a cheap filler.

4. Fruits and Vegetables: After the meat, there should be vegetables high in the ingredient list.

5. Say NO to artificial additives: Your pet does not require artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or flavors. Look for foods that have been preserved with vitamins C and E, generally referred to as tocopherols.

When you are shopping around for pet food in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in the United States, the easiest way to ensure you are purchasing quality is to shop around in their “holistic” section. You will need to read your labels and understand the nutritional values of the foods that you are offering your animal.

It can be exceptionally confusing at first to determine the best options. Marketing, in many ways, is intended to confuse and mislead you into purchasing products that may not be ideal. There are a multitude of options available on the market today to meet every budget and every special dietary requirement. With the help of these guidelines you can make an educated decision to ensure the health and longevity of your beloved pet. If you still have questions, ask your local Fort Lauderdale pet food specialist for guidance and advice.


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