Your Natural Gas Mineral Rights

by | May 4, 2015 | Business


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When it comes to purchasing or selling natural gas mineral rights, everything varies from state to state. Luckily, if you go through a company who purchases and sells, you won’t have to go through as much hassle.

Producing Mineral Rights

Of course, minerals that are under production will tend to have a higher value than non-producing minerals. The flow rate that is for the gas production is producing some sort of primary determinant of mineral rights values. What will also influence the value would be the known presence of an additional unexplored horizon.

Non- Producing Minerals

Non-producing minerals don’t hold any current cash flow. The value of non-producing minerals would be less than minerals that are producing cash. However, non-producing minerals are something that means it will be good in the future. Having a lack of production will hold an influence when it comes to calculating mineral rights values.

Size Equals Value

Just like other items, the volume of something that you are selling is going to have more value, depending on how large it is. This even applies when it comes to the value of natural gas mineral rights. When a company is leasing mineral rights, they would lean more toward leasing larger tracts than small ones. With the same amount of effort, the company would get more for their money. It is cheaper to set up a drilling play when working with mineral owners who have 100 to 1000 acre tracts. This logic goes for mineral sales as well.


There is always the question, “how to value mineral rights” – and the assumption will be it depends on the price of gas and oil. These prices are going to change daily within the marketplace, as will other commodities. The U.S energy commodities are usually priced on a regular basis. The value of mineral rights can shift over time.

How Going through a Company Is Best

When you want to learn more about natural gas mineral rights, or if you are interested in buying or selling, going through a company who does all that can help. You wouldn’t have to worry about doing your research as they company has done that for you. They already would have specific states that they go through to do this.

With the value of natural gas mineral rights changing without notice, it is best to speak to a professional, especially if you are new to all of this. It is a great opportunity, but you must do your research first. It is good to know about the laws of the state you are looking to take this up in, but when you go through a company for this opportunity, that is usually taken care of.

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