What To Look For When Seeking Secure Storage In Ewa

When a family downsizes, they are often left having to determine what of their belongings they wish to keep and which items they should donate or throw away. Rather than making the process complicated, more people are choosing to use a storage facility, as they offer a variety of storage unit sizes and will keep a person’s most cherished belongings safe. Most individuals want to make sure that they choose a facility that offers Secure Storage in Ewa, and finding one with the following measures in place will help prevent theft and vandalism.

Closed Circuit Cameras

Cameras not only record footage, but their presence can be a deterrent for would-be intruders and thieves. If something is stolen or damaged, security camera footage can be used to make it easy to file a police report and prosecute those who are responsible for the damage. Make sure a storage facility has an adequate amount of cameras around their property, as it can help reduce the occurrence of any illegal activity.

Monitored Access

The easiest way to prevent a person from gaining access to a storage facility is to use a monitored access system. Individuals with units will be provided with a PIN or access card that will allow them to enter the property, and prevent those without a unit from gaining access. The system can also track individuals as they come and go, which can help to prevent authorized individuals from being tempted to steal or vandalize property.

On-Site Security Personnel

Another deterrent that is effective at warding off potential intruders is the presence of a security guard. Many facilities that offer Secure Storage in Ewa provide overnight personnel who regularly patrol the property and report any suspicious activity. Knowing that there is a potential that they will encounter a person when breaking into a facility is effective at preventing intruders from taking a risk and breaking in.

With a little research, it is easy to find a storage company that will keep a family’s belongings safe and secure. The team at Hawaii Self Storage offers a wide variety of security systems and are dedicated to keeping their facilities free of looters. Find more information by checking out their website and take the first step in safely storing any personal belongings.


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