The Nevada Lemon Law

The Nevada Lemon Law provides consumer protection for those people that buy a new car only to find out that it does not conform to the warranty. The Lemon Law in Nevada only applies to new vehicles although used car buyers get some protection under Nevada law.

Determining if your car qualifies:

If you purchased a new car in Nevada, it might be considered a lemon if it:

  • Was in for repair of the same issue four times while still under warranty or within one year from the date of delivery
  • Been unavailable for use for at least 30 days under the same conditions

The manufacturer or an authorized dealer can carry out repairs. If the fault cannot be rectified and you have not been offered a resolution that is satisfactory, you can file a complaint.

Filing a complaint under the Nevada Lemon Law:

  • If your new car cannot be repaired after four tries or has been in the garage for 30 days or more, you can proceed with filing a Lemon Law complaint. The manufacturer of the car is compelled to replace the car with a model that is substantially the same or to take the car back and refund all the money you paid, including taxes and fees, minus a reasonable amount for the use of the car.
  • When the dealer has taken the car back, it can be put up for sale as long as it gets a new title that is inscribed with a notation stating that it is a Lemon Law buyback and the car is identified as such with a decal to that effect.

If you are having difficulties with the manufacturer, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney that is intimate with the Nevada Lemon Law. A skilled attorney knows the law and can provide guidance on how to proceed.

If you purchased a new car in Nevada and it has a serious fault, you can rely on the Nevada Lemon Law to protect your consumer rights. For more information on the Nevada Lemon Law, you are invited to visit Lemon Law America.


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