What To Know Before Getting A New Mattress In Lafayette

It’s important to realize that you’ll spend more time in bed than on any other piece of furniture though the office chair comes in at a close second. Unless you’re an insomniac or think you don’t need as much sleep, you spend between six and ten hours on your mattress every day. Therefore, a restful night’s sleep is essential, because it can reenergize and refresh you. When shopping for a new mattress in Lafayette, you’ll want to know all the tips and tricks first, so you get the right one.


Your support needs are different than your spouse and your children. When searching for mattresses, think about what you need and go from there. If you do sleep with a spouse or partner, you will have to consider both comfort needs, but many beds provide separate sleep options or use foam so that each person gets what they need.


Traditional bed sizes include Full, Queen, Twin, King and Cal-King. A twin bed is usually appropriate for children but rarely works well for single adults or couples. The Full-size bed can be a better choice for couples, but many find that a Queen gives them more room and comfort. Larger people may prefer a King-size bed because they are the widest available and will allow each member to spread out. California King beds are longer than traditional beds, so if you’re extremely tall, this might be a better choice. However, remember that it can be hard to find bedding for the Cal-King.


Most mattresses come with a firmness label, which tells you how firm or soft the bed is. However, these labels aren’t accurate, so it’s best to test them out for yourself instead of relying on the tag to tell you. Because each manufacturer makes things differently and uses different terms, one extra firm version may be similar to another’s medium-firm choice.


Even if you want to buy your mattress in Lafayette online, you should still test out comparable brands and options in a store. Even if you think that your old bed was the best, your needs (or your spouse’s) may have changed since then. Some brands and stores will even allow you a sleep test at home, where you can sleep on the bed in your home for 30 or 60 days.

Buying a mattress in Lafayette can be overwhelming and confusing, but if you know your comfort needs, preferred size and do your own testing, you’ll be fine. Visit Mattress Direct now to learn more.


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