What to Know About Shared Custody

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Law Services


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Shared custody is a reasonable solution for a divorce case in which both parents are able to care for their child, and the court believes shared custody is best for the child. In most cases, a child is best off having a substantial relationship with both of their parents. Because of that, most courts are going to do their best to create a child custody agreement where all of those relationships are allowed to develop and grow.

For parents who are going through a divorce, you should always speak with a Highland Park child custody attorney to learn the different types of arrangements available that might fit your situation. Shared custody needs cooperation from both parents to work. Sometimes shared custody can be confused with joint custody, but this is an agreement where both parents have certain rights and responsibilities while shared custody is an equal arrangement for both parents.

Shared custody works well if the parents live near each other, often within the same school district. In cases where the parents live far from each other, the constant travel can be stressful and tiring for both the child and the parents. Children need some amount of structure and being in an area that is familiar while at each parent’s house can go a long way toward providing that.

Shared custody is also an excellent option if the parents are willing to work together. With shared custody, parents often continue the same style of parenting that was used during the marriage. Those who cannot work well with their former spouse may find that shared custody just does not work. The parents will be working closely to ensure their child is brought up, and sometimes this simply isn’t possible.

Also, shared custody can work best for parents with the same kind of lifestyles. For instance, shared custody might not be the best option if one parent has limited room to host them or if a parent must leave the country on business on a regular basis. Sometimes, these things can make a more rigid joint custody arrangement a better choice.

When you are in the middle of a divorce, it is essential to understand your rights and options. A Highland Park child custody attorney can help with that. Michael C. Craven at Divorce Lawyers Chicago offers free consultations so that you can get some insight into the process. Learn more at the website or call the office at 312-621-5234.

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