What To Expect If You Need To Have A Tooth Removed In Port Orange

Sometimes, you might have a tooth that is damaged or that is infected and needs to be removed. The process can be either surgical or can be performed as you would normally pull a tooth that is loose. Tooth removal in Port Orange dental offices often involves an anesthetic and stitches if your dentist has to make an incision to remove the tooth.


When you arrive for your tooth removal in Port Orange, you’ll discuss the process with your dentist and be taken to a room that is similar to a typical exam room where you would have your teeth cleaned. Nitrous oxide can sometimes be used if you’re anxious about the procedure. Most of the time, an anesthetic injected into your gums to numb your mouth is sufficient. If your dentist feels that an incision needs to be made, then you could be given a mild sedative.

When You Get Home

Before you leave the office, your dentist will discuss what you should do at home. Avoid eating anything hard for a few days until the area heals. You also want to avoid drinking from a straw as a dry socket could occur. You’ll usually be given an antibiotic and pain reliever to take for a certain number of days. Rinse your mouth out with salt water to clean your mouth until you can brush your teeth as usual.


It’s normal to experience mild swelling and even bruising after a tooth is removed. You can alternate between a heating pad and a cool cloth to help with these issues. You want to use an ice pack for the first 24 hours to decrease the amount of swelling that you have. Pain medications can sometimes help with swelling along with the antibiotics that you’ll take after your tooth is removed.

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