Tips for Eating a Steamed Lobster for the First Time in Boston Like a Pro

If you’re going out for steamed lobster in Boston, you’re in for a treat. Steamed lobster is an extremely popular dish made famous by seafood afficionadoes around the world. A person in a fancy restaurant wearing a bib and getting a gorgeous, huge lobster plunked down on a plate in front of them is a common seafood restaurant trope on TV. If you’ve never actually had a steamed lobster, the idea of tackling one for the first time in public can be very intimidating. Check out below for tips on how to enjoy steamed lobster like a pro.

Eat the Tail First

Hold the tail with one hand and the rest of the body with your other hand. Make a wringing motion like you’re squeezing water from a towel, and the tail should separate from the body. Press the sides of the tail firmly, and the delicious meat inside should pop out easily. Remove the vein (digestive track) running along the top of the tail, and toss it away with the shells.

Be Careful When Removing Meat From the Claws

To ensure that you get as much meat from the claw as possible, use care when handling it. Use a lobster cracker or a lobster hammer, but pound gently so that you don’t destroy the meat inside.

Don’t Bite Down on the Claw

The meat is so delectable that you may be tempted to bite down on a claw in an effort to reach it. Don’t do that – you may leave the restaurant with one less tooth!

Dunk Everything in Butter

Butter was invented for lobster, or it defintely seems that way. Butter enhances the rich taste of lobster, taking it to new heights. Be liberal with it, making sure every bit of meat has some on it.

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