What to do With an Ice Block in Long Island NY

If one of the main features of an event you are throwing includes a banquet, consider ordering one or more ice blocks. Not only are these blocks a wonderful way of keeping food and beverages cold, they can also become an interesting decorative accent. All you need is a large block of ice and a drip tray beneath it to get started.

Ice Sculpture

An ice sculpture makes a unique centerpiece for any banquet hall. They are endlessly fascinating. Starting with a crystal-clear ice block in Long Island, NY, artists are able to create nearly anything you can imagine. The sculptures will typically last for a dozen hours, losing its details to melting after five or six hours.

Beverage Sever

An ice block can be used as a large serving table for cold beverages. Strings of underwater LED lights in any color can be placed underneath to highlight the block. You can carve a bowl into the center to prevent drinks from sliding away as the block begins to melt.

Food Server

Much like with beverages, you can use the block of ice as a serving bowl or tray for your food. Either place the trays on top of the ice to keep cold or carve out bowls to serve cocktail shrimp or fruit salads.

Ice Blocking

After the meal is done, what do you do with the ice that is left? Well, ice blocking of course. Ice blocking is the name of the recreation where people sit on blocks of ice and slide down a grassy slope. Who knows, maybe the guest of honor at an event would like to use this method to make their exit.

Always place your ice block as far away from heat sources and hot foods as possible to speed up its melting process. A large block of ice will create a huge puddle of water once it has begun melting. Make certain you are prepared with a drainage plan to avoid a mess. Finding an Ice Block in Long Island NY is easy, but always order it from a reliable source to ensure it arrives clear and free of cracks.



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