What To Discuss With A Subutex Doctor In Navarre, FL

In Florida, rehabilitation doctors provide Subutex to treat common withdrawal symptom associated with drug addiction. The medication makes the patient feel more comfortable through the detox process. Unfortunately, the medication could lead to addiction due to its opioid content even if it doesn’t cause a high. A subutex doctor in Navarre FL helps the individual start a program to recover from their addiction.

How Much the Patient was Taking

The doctor needs to know about how much of the medication the patient is taking currently. The dosage determines how strong of an addiction the patient has to the controlled substance. More information enables the doctor to create a care plan specifically for the patient.

Side Effects and Physical Symptoms

Patients with an addiction to the medication exhibit certain signs. The individual has sudden flu-like symptoms, including sneezing, headaches, cold sweats, and body aches. They have a decreased appetite and might lose weight quickly. Intense muscle pain is likely, too. Patients have behavioral patterns that indicate an addiction, such as stealing, lying, and agitation due to an intense craving for the drug.

Why the Patient is Abusing the Medication

The medication leads to serious changes in the brain. Patients that abuse the medication experience an inability to get relief from withdrawal symptoms. Abusing the medication increases pain and discomfort due to a higher tolerance to the medication. The individual won’t break the cycle of higher volumes of pain until they realize they have an addiction and seek help.

What Program is Right for the Patient

The patient must start with detoxification without the help of the medication. By providing the medication, it is just fueling the addiction. The patient requires inpatient care and counseling to uncover why they have an addiction.

In Florida, rehabilitation doctors provide professional help for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or controlled substances. The signs of an addiction are both behavioral and physical. For some patients, more psychological problems emerge from addiction. Doctors evaluate each patient and determine what steps are most effective for treating the patient’s addiction. Patients who need an appointment with a Subutex doctor in Navarre FL are encouraged to contact us right now.


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