Important Tips For Dog Owners About Animal Care in Alexandria, VA

People who are first-time dog owners might not know much about Animal Care in Alexandria VA. As long as a dog owner is willing to learn about proper care, they shouldn’t have too many problems with their pet. Although there is a lot to learn, plenty of resources are available to teach dog owners everything they need to know about pet care.

A Dog Can Be Trouble Around The Home

If a dog owner doesn’t realize that a dog can be a problem around the house, they might end up taking their pet to Hayfield Animal Hospital because of a medical emergency. Dogs can get into just about everything in a home. Some dogs even manage to open cabinets that are closed. So, if hazardous chemicals are kept close to the ground, a dog might be able to access them. Dog owners have to pet-proof their homes to protect their animals.

Outside Threats

A dog might need Animal Care in Alexandria VA due to threats outside of the home. Wild animals like skunks and raccoons are dangers for smaller dogs and puppies. A dog owner who likes to have their dog play outside will want to make sure there aren’t any wild animals living in the yard or close by. Larger dogs can still be injured by these wild animals, but diseases are usually more of a concern when a large dog encounters a skunk or raccoon. All dogs should have updated shots.


Choking is another thing that dog owners have to be worried about. Even large dogs with powerful jaws can choke. Giving dogs animal bones is always dangerous. A small piece of the bone might break off and cause the dog to choke. There are toys that dog owners are able to purchase that will satisfy a dog’s urge to chew on bones.

Owning a dog is a learning process for someone who has never had a pet before. Anyone who wants the best for their pet will try to learn as much as possible. A new dog owner should also ask their vet for tips. Asking other dog owners about dog care also helps first-time dog owners. Contact us for same day appointments!


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