What Should You Look for in a Good Student Housing Apartment?

There’s a lot of UNC student apartments out there, but not all housing situations are alike. You’re going to want to get the most for your money so you can make memories, enjoy the experience and build lifelong friendships during your time at UNC. Here’s what to look for as you browse the selection of UNC student apartments online.

What Should You Look For in a Student Housing Apartment?

One of the biggest things you should look for is a housing unit with private bedrooms. Student apartments typically cost more than dorms. If you’re going to be paying a higher fee, you should get your own private bedroom to go along with it. You might still have to share your apartment with roommates, depending on the plan that you choose, but you should have access to your own private room with a lockable door.

Additionally, make sure that your apartment complex has plenty of amenities to justify the cost of paying for off-campus living. The best student housing units offer a wide range of features, including a pool, a 24-hour gym, a study lounge, a private bus to campus, sports areas, access to walking trails and much more. With amenities like these, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

To learn more about off-campus living, the Lark Chapel Hill website has everything you need to prepare for the upcoming semester. You can view the rates, check out the amenities, apply for a unit and learn more about the Lark community.


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