Real Estate Lawyers in 60607 can Help Where Realtors Cannot

Real estate attorneys help clients through the process of selling or buying property. Most transactions don’t require a lawyer, but some laws require them to prepare home purchase contracts and sale documents. In other areas, an attorney must handle title searches and deal closings.

When a Realtor’s Help is Beneficial

When a client asks if they need a real estate agent, they should consider whether they can benefit from the hiring. Certain forms must be completed and signed when buying a house, and a realtor’s familiarity with the process can help. Realtors can help with:

  1. Property recommendations
  2. Acceptance and rejection of offers
  3. Hiring home inspectors
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Finding a mortgage lender

Hiring a Broker

A real estate broker has greater education requirements than a realtor, and they must also have experience as an agent. Requirements vary by jurisdiction, but brokers must typically take classes, pass an examination, and work as a realtor for several years.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

While brokers and agents are an important part of the home sale process, they can’t do everything that Bielski Chapman, Ltd, can do. Real estate attorneys can review contracts, explaining hard-to-understand parts and researching the home’s title to find hidden liens. Real Estate Lawyers in 60607 can help in these other areas:

  1. Explanation of contract language
  2. Outline title defects and recommends problem-solving steps
  3. Examine liens, covenants and other obligations
  4. Explanation of mortgage terms
  5. Negotiations with lenders
  6. Help at closing

Do Sellers Need Real Estate Attorneys?

Sellers may believe they have fewer worries than buyers do, but there’s a lot at stake. If one is selling a home, a real estate attorney can prepare and review sale agreements, negotiate terms, and prepare deeds and powers of attorney. Lawyers with us can address sudden title issues, and they can review closing documents and arrange security deposit payments. Most realtors do not have law licenses, but that doesn’t mean that every lawyer is equipped to handle real estate cases. Realtors and brokers have important roles in real estate transactions, but Real Estate Lawyers in 60607 can lend their expertise in different ways. Visit for more information.


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