What Should People With Alignment Problems Know About Invisalign in Fishers IN?

Alignment issues can be cumbersome to deal with. Not only do they cause a person’s smile to look less attractive but they can also cause discomfort during chewing. Instead of having to deal with metal braces, individuals can now see their dentist about invisalign in Fishers IN. Invisalign is an invisible braces system that allows the teeth to be moved into a more precise and attractive alignment over a period of months, without anyone being aware the patient is being treated.

Invisalign works via the clear plastic trays that are worn by the patient. These aligner trays are made to be worn in a specific order so the teeth are slowly moved into the projected position. Each aligner tray is worn for a period of two weeks and then the patient simply discards it and puts in their new aligner.

To prepare a patient for Invisalign in Fishers IN, the dentist will first need to make sure the overall oral health of the patient is good. Gum disease and pronounced decay would prevent a patient from being able to try the Invisalign treatment since wearing the aligners would likely make their condition worse. Once the patient has been determined to be a good candidate, the dentist will make impressions of their teeth and these, along with X-rays, and photos, will be used by the Invisalign dental team to ensure the right steps are taken.

Impressions and digital images allow the team to properly plot the course of treatment so the Invisalign trays can be created. Most patients will only need to be treated around a year but some will need up to two years of treatment, depending on their degree of alignment issues. The dentist will typically be able to inform a patient how long the process will take when they first begin treatment.

If you are tired of dealing with an improperly aligned smile, it is time you talked to your dentist about Invisalign so you can learn if this will be a good treatment option for you. If you would like to schedule your initial exam, contact us today so you can get started.

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