Fighting a Traffic Citation with the Help of a Traffic Attorney in Orange, VA

Drivers across Virginia receive tickets every day. Some drivers simply pay the ticket because they know they are guilty of the infraction they are charged with, and others do so to avoid the hassle of appearing in court. Certain drivers, however, choose to fight their citation in court and may opt to hire a traffic attorney in Orange, VA for assistance. The following is what every driver should know about this process.

To fight a traffic citation, the individual must appear in court and plead not guilty. Once this has been done, the court assigns a date for the trial or a pre-trial conference. The person fighting the citation must appear in court. If they fail to do so, this person may be charged with failure to appear, and a warrant may be issued for their arrest. A driver must make certain they can appear on all court dates, and they need to understand that they may be found guilty and demerit points added to their license.

At the pre-trial conference or trial, the driver has the right to act as their own counsel. The only exception to this is when a conviction leads to time in jail or prison. For those who are unable to afford an attorney, the court will appoint one. This is only true, however, when the person can prove they don’t have the necessary means to secure their own legal counsel.

During the pre-trial conference, an individual may be offered a reduction in charges in exchange for a guilty plea. If the defendant agrees, a trial is avoided. If they do not, the case goes before a judge or jury. The trial will follow the standard procedure for all court cases and, if the defendant is found guilty, they may file an appeal within ten days.

To learn more about fighting a traffic citation, contact a traffic attorney in Orange, VA or click here. Individuals convicted of a traffic violation may face jail time, the loss of their license and fines. For this reason, every person needs to consider their case and determine which course of action is best for them. An attorney can be of great help in arriving at this conclusion.

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