What Residential Moving Companies Will Not Move

Are you planning a move? Do you think your mover will transport everything? Think again. When planning a move, it is important to check with your residential moving companies what they will or will not transport. While some companies have specific rules, in general, those in Lancaster PA conform to what companies all across North America agree upon. Below is a basic of these non-allowables or prohibited substances.

What Are Prohibited Substances?

As the term indicates, a moving company, carrier and other form of transport will not carry these items. They will not ship or handle in any form certain items. Sometimes the government places restrictions on what such transports can carry. At other times, the moving company employs common sense, together with a sense of self-preservation to refuse such items.

Categories of Non-Allowables

While individual commercial and residential moving companies have their own list of prohibited items, they generally fall into two broad categories.

1. Hazardous materials

These items place employees, the public and the carrier’s property at risk. The list includes, but is not limited to

* Chemicals
* Corrosive substances
* Explosive materials
* Flammable items

Examples include

* Aerosol cans
* Ammunition
* Bleach and other cleaning supplies
* Car batteries
* Fire extinguishers
* Paint
* Pool chemicals
* Propane tanks
* Weapons

2. Perishables

Moving companies in Lancaster PA and elsewhere will not transport any perishable items. This category covers a wide variety of your “possessions.” Included are:

* Fresh food
* Frozen food
* Pets
* Plants

In the case of plants, it is actually illegal if movers transport them for a distance of more than 150 miles.

Residential Moving Companies

When it comes to moving companies, relocation of most items is part of their contract. If, however, your move consists of transporting lots of plants and your pets, understand the laws in Lancaster PA. Talk to your movers about making alternative arrangements for their safe transport.


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