How to choose WordPress Developer?

Business websites, online stores and blogs usually run on WordPress and it is a popular choice of users due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Connecticut WordPress developer offers a wide range of services that includes:


*     Ecommerce integration using Woo Commerce plugin.
*     Creating plugins from scratch.
*     Plugin installation, modification and configuration.
*     Custom template creation that is based on custom design project.
*     Performance optimization.
*     Fixing bugs for existing websites using WordPress applications.

As WordPress is a popular content management system it is a preferred choice of web developers for web design. Before you choose a developer, you need to list all the features you want in the website.

When you have a comprehensive list of what you want, it becomes easy to develop the website as per your specifications. Find a developer with good communication skills so that you are able to tell them your expectations clearly.


Technical Competence

When choosing a website developer one of the most important things that you need to look for is technical competence. This is the basis of the developer’s ability to create a website or application as per your specific needs. CSS, HTML and PHP are the core languages that are preferred for development.



The developer needs to adequate experience and expertise in developing various types of websites and applications. This enables them to build a customized website that meets your specifications. Get referrals and talk to clients that the developer had worked with earlier. This enables you to know their potential.

One of the things that you need to remember is that even after the website is live it requires maintenance. When choosing the developer, you need to check their terms and support available, so that they are able to help maintain the website and make changes if necessary.

LionLeaf, LLC has been providing website design and development services to customers using WordPress application. Businesses provide a detailed specification of the features that they want in the website and these are incorporated to yield the best results.

We have developers with expertize for every stage of the website development. This helps in developing the application and websites as per the requirements of the business.

Lion Leaf provides complete web solutions for your business. If you want to learn more about Connecticut WordPress Developer, contact Lion Leaf at (860) 426-2783.

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