What Recourse Do You Have If Your Lawyer Was Negligent?

When you hire a lawyer you are invariably involved in some situation which is beyond your ability to resolve. A lawyer is someone that you trust, someone that will support you and your position. What recourse do you, the client, have in the event your lawyer makes the situation worse rather than better? The solution is to engage the professional services of legal malpractice attorneys in Houston TX and sue the previous lawyer for malpractice.

It’s not easy:

Legal malpractice when your lawyer was negligent in providing you with legal advice and representation. If you are of the opinion that your former lawyer caused you harm due to professional misconduct you can sue. Should you elect to sue you will have to show the court that the lawyer failed to use the skills and care that other lawyers would have employed in a similar case or situation. Don’t think for one minute that you can sue your lawyer simply because you lost your case.

There are four things that will have to be proved to win a legal malpractice suit; they are duty, breach, causation and damage.

  • Duty: It is expected that your lawyer owes you the duty to act properly

  • Breach: The lawyer did not do his or her duty, erred; was negligent or failed to do what was agreed on

  • Causation: That the breach caused you financial harm, and

  • Damages: You suffered financial loss as a result of the breach

The first thing that must be established is that there was a client-attorney relationship in effect and that the attorney violated the acceptable standard of care that should have governed the representation. Once this relationship and standard of care issue has been proven your legal malpractice attorneys in Houston TX must then show that the lawyer’s actions, or lack of them, caused you injury and financial damages.

If you believe you suffered harm as a result of errors made by your lawyer you have the right to hire legal malpractice attorneys in Houston TX and sue for damages. You are invited to contact Minns & Garnett, Trial Lawyers. Visit them online at Website URL


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