Getting The Most Out Of Your Garage

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance


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To some people a garage is a place to house their car out of the weather while to DIY types their garage is the guy’s equivalent to a gourmet kitchen. Any garage is little more than four walls and a roof all sitting on a concrete slab but to some it becomes their second home housing all their tools, their workbench and the material they work with.

Let’s look at garage basics:

New garage construction in Chicago uses the same basics of construction as does a house; the site has to be prepared, permits must be applied for, concrete has to be poured and the walls and roof have to be framed. Depending on what the garage is going to be used for often means the need for additional foundation depth and filter systems; this is why it is important for the garage designer to know the owners requirements in advance.

The days of 20 foot square garages are long gone, to make use of a garage for the car plus space for a workshop the ideal garage is 15 feet wide and 25 feet deep, this gives plenty of space for a big SUV as well as a work bench and storage space.

Garage planning and construction:

Your new garage should be designed and constructed with the future in mind. If you plan on getting heavily involved in woodworking as a hobby there is no need to outfit the space right away, what is important is that the garage construction in Chicago took the future expectations into account. Working closely with garage construction professionals is always a good idea as they have been involved in many projects in the past and have a very good idea of what the requirements are. Experts agree; plan for everything you can imagine and then outfit it as extra money becomes available.

You can get much more out of a new garage than just a place to park your car. When you work closely with The Garage Guys at Absolute Garage Builders you can meet all your needs as well as your dreams. Like us on our facebook page.

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