What Kind of Training Do Electricians in Lake Tapps, WA Receive?

Electricians are specialized contractors who receive extensive education and training in working safely with electricity. Property owners of all kinds hire Electricians in Lake Tapps Wa to install new wiring, perform inspections, and make repairs to existing electrical systems, but many don’t realize exactly how extensive these professionals’ education really is. Read on to find out about what it takes to become an electrician for a new appreciation of all that these professionals have to offer.

Vocational Programs

Most electricians complete vocational programs. These electrical training courses combine classroom education with on-site experience, allowing electricians to learn about everything from theoretical concerns and building codes to how to actually tackle real-world problems.

Classroom Education

In the classroom, future electricians learn how to perform essential calculations and how to ensure that the projects they will be completing in the field are up-to-code. There is a heavy focus on technical math and learning relevant labor skills, as well.

Electrical Apprenticeships

All Electricians in Lake Tapps Wa complete apprenticeships prior to becoming journeymen electricians, usually after completing vocational school. This gives them the opportunity to learn directly from practicing electricians and apply the knowledge they’ve gained in school in real-world settings under the skilled eye of a licensed professional. The time frame for apprenticeships can vary substantially but most electricians remain apprentices for between two and seven years.

License Requirements

Once they have completed their training, future electricians still have to pass state licensing tests. They must supply proof that they have completed their apprenticeships and have met the predetermined requirements for experience in the electrical trade, then pass a licensing exam. This exam is intended to test future contractors’ knowledge of the NEC and state building codes.

Ongoing Code Training

Once they’ve passed their licensing tests, students become journeymen electricians and can begin to work in their fields. That doesn’t mean their training is over, though. They’ll also need to complete refresher courses every few years and stay up-to-date on advancements in the field.

The Bottom Line

Property owners who are on the fence about whether or not it’s worth hiring an electrician often question what these professionals can do that they could not do for themselves. It should be clear by now that the answer is “quite a bit.” Becoming an electrician requires years of dedicated education and training in how to perform relevant work efficiently, effectively, and safely.


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