What A Landscaper in Gig Harbor, WA Knows About Cutting Wet Grass

A Landscaper in Gig Harbor Wa knows that, sometimes, cutting wet grass just can’t be helped. People are busy and can’t arrange their schedules around grass cutting. If a person has to deal with wet grass, there are a few things they should keep in mind.

A Quality Lawnmower

If a property owner isn’t going to use a Landscaper in Gig Harbor Wa to mow their home’s lawn, they need to invest in a quality lawnmower. Cutting wet or high grass with a low-quality mower can be a real problem. Anyone who doesn’t want to plan their lawn care will want a tough mower that is ready to go whenever it is needed. A self-propelled mower will help when the grass is slick and gaining traction isn’t easy.

Frequent Cuts

Another thing to keep in mind is the height of the grass. If the grass is cut frequently, it won’t matter much if it is cut when it’s wet. The wet grass clippings won’t overwhelm the mower. When the grass is high, the wet grass can easily clog the mower. The mower will probably stop and have to be cleaned out. Anyone who is going to cut tall, wet grass should be prepared to take a lot more time because of the mower having to be cleaned frequently.


When the lawn is wet, there is a greater chance of damaging it. A homeowner might create muddy patches in their yard if they aren’t careful. If an area is too damp, it’s usually best to skip over it. Trying to force the issue can do more harm than good. It’s also smart to raise the height of the mower so the grass isn’t cut too low. A muddy area can be cut once there has been sufficient time to allow it to dry.

Some people advise not cutting the grass when it’s wet, but others say it is perfectly fine. Anyone who doesn’t have time to arrange a special day to cut their grass might be forced to cut wet grass. They won’t have to worry about making any mistakes if the right tips are followed.


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