What Is Stem Cell Surgery?

Living with pain due to joint degeneration or injury is never easy. Many people in Jupiter are constantly having to change their plans and modify their lives because of pain, mobility problems, joint stiffness and the fear of adding to the damage of knees and hips when staying active.

Many of these people may think the only options they have is to undergo a joint replacement operation or turn to medications to control the pain that may have significant risks of side-effects or addiction.

Today, some patients will have at least one more option to consider. That is stem cell therapy, which has over 20 peer reviewed studies showing how this may be helpful in addressing pain, rebuilding joints and restoring mobility.

Will I Need Stem Cell Surgery?

When most people talk about stem cell surgery, they mean a bone marrow transplant. In this process, an incision is made, typically over the hip or on the sternum, and a specialized needle is inserted into the bone. An aspiration system is used to extract bone marrow to harvest the stem cells.

Instead of this type of stem cell surgery, new research has shown that umbilical cord contents can be harvested at the time of a healthy, live birth. This is not harmful or inconvenient to the infant or the mother, and it is done only with the consent of the donor.

The cord contents can be extracted from the umbilical cord and processed to harvest the undifferentiated, healthy stem cells. This process offers a greater percentage of cells than bone marrow and also more cells than harvesting stem cells from fat tissues in adults.

With this option, there is no surgery involved. The umbilical stem cells will be harvested under strict regulatory protocols and then injected into the patient. Patients in the Jupiter area interested in finding out more should talk to their doctor or consult a stem cell clinic.


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