Masonry Cleaners: Terrazzo Stone Cleaning

At Trend Terrazzo, we get a number of questions about terrazzo stone cleaning. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to how to clean your terrazzo stone surface. That is because how to clean your terrazzo surface depends on a number of different factors. If the base material for the terrazzo is concrete, then the terrazzo is basically a masonry surface. It should have been sealed to prevent any type of stains. However, if it was not sealed properly or was never resealed, then it is possible for it to have become stained. If the terrazzo’s base was a polymer surface, then it should have been impermeable and should not have any deep stains, but may have dirt and grime on the surface, especially if it has been cleaned with a cleaner that was not a neutral cleaner.

For general care for a terrazzo floor, you want to use a neutral cleaner, such as ZEP or a similar product. This is true whether your terrazzo is a traditional application or is in tile form. The benefit of a neutral cleaner is that, unlike some other cleansers, it does not leave a film or stickiness on the surface, so it does not trap dirt on the surface of the tile or in any grout lines after cleaning. Depending on where the terrazzo is located and the type of traffic and use it experiences, you may want to use a degreaser on it once or twice a year, to keep a film from developing on it.

If you have an existing terrazzo surface with stains or surface scratches, you can strip the existing sealers and coatings from the floor, using a chemical floor cleaner and a power scrubber, to reveal the original surface of the terrazzo. You may even strip the top layer of the terrazzo by grinding off its surface if dirt or scratches are so severe that a normal stripping and cleaning does not restore the floor’s luster. Anytime you remove a sealant from a terrazzo surface, you want to include resealing as part of the cleaning process.

One of the biggest benefits of Trend Terrazzo tiles is that they are virtually maintenance-free. To find out more about Trend Terrazzo, visit our website or contact us at our toll-free number: 1-866-508-7363.


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