What Is Meant By A Huntsville Full Service Moving Company?

There are many different options in movers in the Huntsville area. These include moving companies offering only the physical move of household items and furniture from the residence to the truck, and those that offer a complete range of services.

It is important to avoid making the mistake of assuming what services a moving company offers. Some companies offer limited services and still call themselves a full service moving company, while other companies offer a complete range of services either as part of the basic package or as add-on services.

The Full Service Option

Typically, for both residential and corporate types of moves, an experienced full service moving company can provide any service the customer may require. This includes specifics to do with the move as well as move preparation.

With the top national and international moving companies, services can be tailored to the needs of the customer. This includes having specialized packing and unpacking crews to pack specific rooms of the home or to manage the entire household. They can provide secure warehousing that they maintain and operate, which is ideal if there is a delay in moving into the new residence, or if some furniture and items may need to be moved out of the house before the sale.

Additional components of what top movers offer as a full service moving company include specialty packing, which includes packing for fragile items, electronics, computer systems, and other items in the home that are more challenging to move. Additional wrapping for furniture and taking apart and reassembling large pieces, if appropriate, is also included.

Other movers may offer a full scope of additional services. These can include arranging for transportation of automobiles and other types of equipment or belongings, such as boats, ATVs, and items like riding lawnmowers. It may also include assistance in finding real estate agents or even in providing effective strategies for marketing and advertising your home.


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