6 Helpful Tips to Get Better Leads at Your Next Trade Show

If you’re tired of getting less-than-stellar results whenever your company attends trade shows, you may be doing something wrong. Here are a few helpful steps to increase your success at your next show.

Plan in advance

Lack of time and preparation could be dooming your trade shows. Give yourself enough time to prepare for everything, Forbes says. That’s going to improve your chances of getting the leads you want at the show.

Get the right displays

Make sure you choose the best displays. Look for companies that offer trade show exhibits in Orlando that can tailor your brand message to the exhibit. If your budget does not allow you to purchase a custom trade show booth consider checking out rental exhibits to help save on costs. With the right displays, you’ll stand a better chance of getting steady foot traffic.

Make sure it’s a match

When you pick a display, consider the colors of your company. Pick color combinations for your displays that are a representative of your business. That’s one way to make sure you pick trade show exhibits in Orlando that are consistent with your brand.

Consider your messaging

Look for booth displays that can accurately portray your brand message to your audience. If your target market can’t identify what it is, then your marketing campaign has failed. Improve brand awareness and reach with simple displays and graphics that your customers will understand without a hitch.

Prepare your team

Pick the right trade show staff. Go for employees you’ve trained well to answer simple questions. With the right displays, your staff is sure to be kept busy by the long line of customers to your booth.

Be there on time

Don’t be late. Make the most out of the show by arriving early. By the time guests start coming in, your booth should be up and ready.


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