What Is Limestone Used For?

Limestone is one of the most common minerals around. It’s so common, in fact, you may not realize all it’s used for! If you find yourself unsure of the many uses of limestone, rest assured you’re not alone. This natural stone exists in all sorts of surfaces and appliances you use every day. Here are some of the most common ways limestone is used on a regular basis in New Jersey.


Limestone features quite prominently in modern-day cement mixes. It is often mixed in with other elements to improve the overall composition of the cement. This particular mixture is known officially as “Portland cement.”

Livestock Feed

New Jersey limestone is proven to have positive benefits on livestock, especially cows and chickens. Cows typically lose some of their natural calcium supply from the milking process.

For chickens, the proof is in their eggs. Chickens rely on a regular dose of calcium in order to lay the high-quality eggs we consume on a daily basis. Limestone is often incorporated into their feed on this basis because it gives chickens the calcium they need to provide us with enough eggs for our daily egg breakfasts.


New Jersey limestone is also quite prevalent in glassmaking of all varieties. It is typically mixed together with sand and various other glass ingredients before it is added to the fire. Limestone is proven to help create good looking, higher quality glass.


Stone may be the most common way you’ve knowingly encountered limestone in New Jersey. Limestone can be cut into slabs, which are then used for countertops, flooring and various other fixtures in your home. In fact, limestone has existed for years as a popular choice for home design.

If you’re interested in using limestone in your New Jersey home or business, visit the Business Name website to learn more.


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