You probably already know that JWJ is a great source for used restaurant equipment for sale. Conveniently located in Middlesex, New Jersey, JWJ is within range easy traveling distance of most of the tri-state area, and has access to some of the best, high-quality used equipment available. However, you may not have thought about JWJ from the other perspective: who do you call when you have well-maintained, high-quality used restaurant equipment that you want to sell? JWJ, of course. After all, we cannot offer the state’s best selection of used restaurant equipment, without first buying it, first. We will look at your equipment, appraise its condition and value, and offer you a fair price for it if it meets our exacting standards.

What makes JWJ the go-to place for buying and selling used restaurant equipment. We think it is our staff. Our staff is composed of restaurant equipment sales professionals who know the brands, know the products, and know the realistic demands of a working kitchen. When you are looking to sell equipment, they can evaluate it to determine how much life is still left in your equipment. When you are looking to buy equipment, they can talk to you about your plans for your kitchen and help you develop an affordable plan that utilizes used equipment in the most cost-efficient way possible, so you can get the commercial kitchen of your dreams without the bills from your nightmares!

If you are hesitant about buying used restaurant equipment, you need to keep depreciation in mind. For most start-up restaurants, commercial kitchen equipment will be the single biggest investment, but also the one subject to the most rapid depreciation. If you can save yourself those depreciation losses, you not only save money up-front, but also minimize your financial risk. To see what used equipment we have to offer, come into our warehouse or browse our online selection.

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