What If Your Pet Needs Out Of Hours Emergency Care?

There are many out of hour’s vets that partner with regular vets, these vets work all night, on the weekends and on holidays to ensure that if you need an emergency vet in Bucktown, there is one available. The vets and their assistants that provide out of hours service know that the majority of the work they will be called upon to do will be related to accidents or critical care cases. These vets cover the emergency needs of vets within a certain area; usually their clinic or animal hospital is centrally located so they can serve as the emergency service providers of a number of different practices.

What happens when you are faced with a pet emergency?

Always call your regular vet first, don’t spend precious time searching for an emergency vet in Bucktown. Even though your vet may not be available, you can rest assured that the answering service will be there to give you details of the afterhour’s emergency vet.

When you make the call; be prepared with paper and pen to jot down the details. When you contact the emergency clinic the vet will give you advise, often the advice is to get your pet to the clinic as quickly as possible. When the emergency vet knows you are on the way they can get themselves prepared to take immediate action upon your arrival.


An emergency vet in Bucktown is just that; an emergency vet, once your pet is stabilized you will be told to take your pet to your regular vet once they open again the next morning. It is ideal if the same person that dealt with the emergency vet can deal with the regular vet, in this way any and all pertinent information can be passed on along with any information about further treatment that is required.

If you need an emergency vet in Bucktown start by contacting Village West Veterinary, if they cannot provide emergency service they will pass you their partners that are available off hours.


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