What Do they Do At a Sports Physical Examination?

Playing various types of sports is a great way for kids to have fun and remain active. However, in order to get on a sports team, kids have to get sports physicals in Orange Park, FL. Going to the doctor for any reason can cause feelings of anxiety, which is why it is so beneficial to know what may happen during this appointment.

Medical History

During sports physicals in Orange Park, FL the first part of the process will be when the nurse takes the child’s medical history. This will include all types of questions related to their health now and in the past. In most cases, if the child is still under the age of 18, their parent will answer these questions.

Some of the things they will find out include any illnesses or injuries the child has had, as well as if they have ever had surgery. They will ask about daily habits and family histories of illnesses. All this information is important in making sure that a child is physically fit and able to play a sport.

The Physical Exam

Once all of the needed information is gathered, the doctor will begin the physical exam of the child. This will include the doctor measuring the child’s height and weight, taking their blood pressure, listening to their lungs and heart, feeling their belly, looking down their throat, nose, and ears, checking their eyesight and administering flexibility and strength tests.

At the end of the exam, the doctor will discuss their findings and answer any questions the child or parent has. There is no question that sports physicals in Orange Park, FL are important, and knowing what to expect can help ease some of a child’s anxiety about the process.

Parents can schedule a sports physical for their child by visiting the Injury Care Centers website.


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