What Are Some of the Best Backyard Pizza Ovens?

Whether it’s the summer or the middle of the winter, there are few things better than being able to eat home cooked pizza, but in order to do that, you need to have a backyard pizza oven for your home. Once you make this decision, it’s time to choose the right one. There are dozens of types of pizza ovens available on the market. How are you supposed to know which one is the best fit for you?

In order to help you sort through all of the available options, we did some research on the topic and came up with a couple of questions you should ask before buying a backyard pizza oven.

How Much Space Do You Have?

One of the things you will quickly find all of the best backyard pizza ovens have in common is the fact, while they may not necessarily be small, they aren’t overly large either. Many are even smaller than the oven you have in your kitchen. Make sure your pizza oven fits comfortably in your backyard and don’t be fooled into thinking a bigger oven is necessarily a better one because this is often not the case.

Do You Want to Work With Fire or Not?

In order to get a true Neapolitan pizza experience, it simply has to be wood fired. If you answered in the affirmative here, you will find there are a lot of options from which you can choose.


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